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IDC Network Security System

The Isocentric Data Center’s (IDC’s) network architecture was carefully designed to provide a high degree of security. Routers and Switches are configured to optimize security. Servers are configured with state-of-the-art encryption systems ensuring complete security for e-commerce transactions and data storage. The IDC uses a tiered security architecture that does not compromise network speed or latency. Core routing hardware provides the initial layer of security by hard-filtering many common attack vectors. Services such as SNMP, NetBeui and various other undesirable network protocols are filtered at the front-end of the data center.

Due to the tradeoffs in performance, latency and security, many security measures are designed specific to a customer’s requirements. Several different measures are available to bring a high degree of security to any application. For applications that require high security without significantly impacting performance, Isocentric Networks utilizes a unique load-balanced architecture that effectively blocks all but port 80 without impacting network throughput or latency. Other techniques employed include firewall-based security layers, caching server-based systems, and client-specific security options.

Isocentric Networks uses private network architecture for its SQL database servers to provide an extra layer of security for client data. This design includes the use of dedicated switches and interconnections for all private networking elements. Therefore, potential VLAN leakage issues that can occur with common core switches used in competing architectures are completely eliminated. By placing database servers on a private network, all of the highly sensitive data cannot be directly accessed on the public network. All servers that require SQL access are connected via secondary network interface cards to a private switch network that is physically separate from the public network. If an attacker breached all front-line security measures, it would be impossible for him to directly access the database servers. Isocentric’s database content is extremely secure. In fact, this level of security is rarely seen in the hosting industry because of the significant complexity that it adds to a data center’s architecture.