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IDC Physical Security System

The Isocentric Data Center (IDC) shares many security features present in the ONEOK Plaza building. These systems include an extensive video surveillance and monitoring system, along with a centralized security system with RF proximity ID systems for access control. All exterior doors and elevators are time-of-day access restricted and require a valid RF ID proximity card key for entry outside of normal business hours. Access to the 2nd and 3rd basement levels is further restricted with 24-hour card key requirements and a separate shuttle elevator isolated from the building’s primary elevator lobbies. The building also maintains a full-time guard service with roaming patrols.

In addition to the building’s security infrastructure, Isocentric Networks uses biometric identification systems for access control to the IDC. This hand scanning system uses sophisticated optical scanning techniques to identify authorized users based on hand geometry. Detailed access logs are stored to provide an audit trail. The use of biometric identification eliminates security risks and problems associated with lost or stolen access cards or keys.