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IDC Network Architecture

The Isocentric Data Center (IDC) supplies direct connectivity to multiple Tier 1 backbone providers. Select internet providers were strategically chosen to optimize the IDC’s network reliability and performance. For example, Verizon Business owns and operates one of the most expansive IP backbone networks in the world. Level(3) consistently outperforms competitors providing “best-in-class” on-net latency. The selection of these two providers gives users of the IDC access to the best of both worlds.

The backbone circuits are provisioned with OC-12 (622 Mbit/sec) links. Core routing is provided via Cisco 12000 Series Internet Router, the industry’s premier next-generation Internet routing platform. Border Gate Protocol (BGP) is used for best case routing providing automatic fail-over and routing between carriers in the event of failure.

Isocentric Networks’ location in the ONEOK Plaza building allows direct access to AT&T, Cox, Verizon Business, Level(3), Sprint, Time Warner, and Lightcore. Several other major fiber networks are in very close proximity including, Qwest, Global Crossing, and Broadwing. The IDC maintains cross-connect facilities with Verizon Business, Cox, AT&T, Level(3), and Time Warner via intra-building conduit runs. The IDC also has three redundant and diverse paths in the building to the Verizon Business facility. Verizon Business and Level(3) use multiple fiber exit paths from the building for its Internet and long-distance network consisting of multiple OC-192 and larger circuits. SONET ring access to the building is provided by AT&T, Isocentric’s Local Exchange Carrier (LEC), who has multiple fiber bundles terminated in the building for ready access.

Additional OC-X, DS-3, and T1 cross-connects are in place with multiple carriers. These circuits provide Isocentric Networks with the ability to rapidly deploy additional OC-X, DS-3 and T-1 circuits as required. Another advantage of this capacity is the ability to rapidly deploy private point-to-point network links between the IDC and client sites.