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Isocentric Networks' SMTP/POP Email Hosting solution delivers the email answer that your business needs without the cost or long-term maintenance burden of complex and difficult-to-support groupware. 

Email is the foundation for corporate communication.  With Isocentric's proven messaging platform, users can send and receive email messages using any standards-based client software, including Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora.  In addition, users can access email from any web browser. 

Isocentric Networks' Email Hosting solution is a reliable and versatile messaging solution for small to medium-sized businesses.

Exchange Mail

Isocentric Networks Managed Microsoft Exchange Service is an efficient, flexible, and cost-effective solution to your email and collboration business needs.  Dependable email is vital to growing companies.  Businesses today depend on reliable access to their email, shared calendars, public folders, contacts, and task management tools.

Isocentric Networks provides email and collaboration components in a high-availability, enterprise-class infrastructure.  In addition, we provide premium anti-virus and anti-spam technologies.  Developing and maintaining a messaging infrastructure is not a corebusiness function for most companies.  It can be a constant drain on your cash, time, and IT resources. 

Isocentric Networks Managed Microsoft Exchange Service is a comprehensive and fully out-sourced solution that completely eliminates the need for you to purchase, configure, and administer your own Exchange server.  Let us provide a reliable, customized solution for your email and collaboration needs.

Visit the Microsoft Exchange Server Support page for more information regarding Microsoft Exchange.