website security

Network Monitoring Tools

Isocentric Networks allows users to proactively manage their network by providing access to one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive monitoring and reporting tools available today. Isocentric’s clients can view real-time statistics and availability of their network from any web browser. Our software application monitors, collects, and analyzes data from routers, switches, servers, and any other SNMP-enabled device providing users with a complete picture of their network’s health.

Website Monitoring

Isocentric Networks can help your web professional gain an in-depth understanding of your web presence. We provide the tools necessary to interpret and analyze your website traffic. View unique visitors, repeat visitors, site paths, and keywords clearly summarized in easy-to-read custom reports.

Businesses can determine a campaign’s success by measuring campaign conversions and site penetration. By identifying popular search engines and isolating top performing keywords, you can improve search engine results. Visitor data is accurately captured using a proprietary page-tagging technology. This feature does not count false hits created by robots and proxy servers. Therefore, you can provide accurate in-depth data to your advertisers. Statistics are always live so that you can monitor traffic in real-time and respond immediately when needed. Measure site changes as soon as you make them.