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Dedicated Hosting

Isocentric Networks will design a dedicated single or multi-server solution based on your unique business needs.  Our expert consultants will create the optimal configuration for your applications, databases, Web services, and email services.  You retain control over your hosting environment by selecting the hardware and the software to fit your corporate IT requirements.  You will have exclusive access to your server thereby avoiding any performance issues associated with shared-server solutions.  

Isocentric Networks Dedicated Hosting Service is a powerful yet flexible solution that allows your webmaster to maintain complete control over your server, including hardware, operating system, and software applications.

Hosting Services

WebMatrix Hosting - Order your Windows Web Server now and receive WebMatrix software for free. Easily develop sites using Wordpress, Joomla!, Drupal, and many other packages. Limited-time discounts available! Save 60%!

Managed Hosting - We maintain and monitor your dedicated servers, operating system and all supported applications.

Dedicated Hosting - We provide an exclusive server or servers devoted solely to your web site.

Virtual Dedicated Hosting - We provide a mix between a dedicated server and a shared hosting account where the CPU, memory, and other resources are partitioned to act like a dedicated server. 

Application Hosting - We maintain, manage, and host the software applications that your business uses every day. 
Colocation Hosting - We provide space for your servers in our state-of-the-art data center while you maintain complete control of the equipment.